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The French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) is a government-funded research organization under the administrative authority of French Ministry in charge of research. CNRS is the main fundamental research organization in Europe and is involved in national, European, and international projects covering all fields of knowledge. CNRS is organized in 1211 laboratories, either intramural or in partnership with universities, other research organizations or industry.

Ludovic Jullien 

Benjamin Bailleul 

Gilles Charvin 

Jacques Fattaccioli 

Thomas Le Saux 

Emmanuelle Marie-Begue 

Julien Selles 

Ian Coghill

Project coordination, fluorescence imaging with dynamic contrast, sensing, microsystems, microalgae, and mechanistic aspects of photosynthesis, ability in developing new instruments. 

In the DREAM project, CNRS is represented by 3 laboratories: 

– the “Laboratory PASTEUR”, dedicated to methodological developments towards understanding and probing chemical reactivity; 

– the “Laboratory of Chloroplast Biology and Light Sensing in Microalgae”, dedicated to the study of light-driven processes (photosynthesis and photoperception) and chloroplast biology; 

– the “GMGM Laboratory”, dedicated to molecular genetics, genomics, and microbiology. 


Relevant Expertise 

  • Analysis and imaging of complex chemical/biological systems in the frequency domain
  • Instrumentation in optics and physics
  • Microsystems
  • Design, synthesis, and implementation of luminescent nanosensors
  • Development and implementation of optical instruments to investigate photosynthesis in microalgae
  • Genetics of photosynthesis leading to generation and phenotyping of mutant strains and cell lines in microalgae
  • Biophysics of growth and division of cells