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Creating a DREAM community

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green and orange network diagram

Reliable models need sound data; for this reason, the DREAM project aims to expand the data collection to include a wide range of organisms and environments by involving users outside the project.

To this end, DREAM will fix the specifications of a miniaturised device fully equipped with DREAM-modulated lighting and data processing. This remote sensing device will enable the acquisition of data from other communities working in controlled environment cultivation.

While the prototypes will be ready at the end of the project, they will subsequently be refined to ensure accessibility and ease of use for end users. The work developed within DREAM will define the critical features of such a system while also considering future technological developments, e.g., new cameras or acquisition systems.

The collected data, transmitted to a dedicated server, will help refine the interpretation model, and in return, users will receive increasingly precise and organism-specific protocols that optimise growth. To properly organise the large data flow, DREAM will develop an extensive library of descriptors that should guide end-users in their observation of photosynthetic organisms.

An essential part of the DREAM work is dedicated to creating a shared and precise terminology for describing the physiological states of plants and algae.