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Sony Computer Science Laboratory (CSL) Paris, founded in 1996 as a small, autonomous, and highly active research cell, engages in fundamental research in innovative areas of science that are relevant for pushing the state-of-the-art in computing. Sony CSL has been focusing its activities on four areas: language dynamics, interactive music, agroecology, and participatory sensing. Sony CSL has 20 years of experience in dealing with open-ended systems that structure observations into meaningful semiotic categories. 

Peter Hanappe 

David Colliaux 

Aliénor Lahlou 

Vittorio Loreto 

Remi van Trijp 

Design advanced protocols for feeding semiotic systems from data collected from multiple end-users.

Sony CSL has also pioneered a participative approach to collecting environmental data by volunteers to feed these semiotic systems and bootstrap citizen-based environmental monitoring. More recently, it developed an affordable robot platform to collect environmental and plant data in farms to extend this participative approach to agroecology. 


Relevant Expertise 

  • Classical AI and Machine Learning, including Deep Learning, for image and audio data
  • Robotics and computer vision for plant monitoring.
  • Web platforms and mobile apps for participative sensing.
  • Embedded devices and code optimization for scientific computing.